Waffle X Gus 2011 — Airedale Puppies at 4 weeks

 Iden­ti­fi­ca­tionBook­ingID mark­ingSide pic 4 weeksFront pic 4 weeks
Dog 1GoldChris­tine & Peter Mid­laneA lit­tle white on chest, nice chapWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 1Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 1
Dog 2TurquoiseThere­sa Baden­horstDust­ing of white chest hairs, nice look­ing young manWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 2Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 2
Dog 3Mar­roonMichelle LudekChest Flash, nice boy, ? Face a lit­tle longerWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 3Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 3
Dog 4MauveBri­an and Fran­cis HysanDust­ing of white chest hairs, nice boyWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 4Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 4
Dog 5Green & white SpotsPer­ry Nor­garbRunt — tini­est, long thin white flash, but nice look­ing chapWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 5Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 5
Bitch 1Red and white stitch­ingKirsty AnkiewiczThick­er long thin white flash, nice look­ing girlWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 6Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 6
Bitch 2Red and white checkJen­ny Mil­tonDust­ing of white on chestWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 7Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 7
Bitch 3White with parcelsGus­tav KlotzVery lit­tle white on chestWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 8Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 8
Bitch 4White with Mer­ry Christ­masMarie — louise RymanA cou­ple of white chest hairs, niceWillaire Airedale Puppy Side-view 9Willaire Airedale Puppy Front-view 9