Puppy Waiting List Questionnaire

If you are inter­est­ed in a pup­py from Willaire Airedales,

please fill out our Pup­py Wait List Ques­tion­aire (Word doc attach­ment) and email it to us.

Airedale Terrier PuppyIn the inter­est of breed­ing healthy Airedale Ter­ri­ers that con­form to the breed stan­dard as close­ly as pos­si­ble, all our pup­pies are bred from hip dys­pla­sia free stock that have achieved recog­ni­tion in the show ring. All our pup­pies are sold with spay/neuter agree­ments and have KUSA Reg­is­tra­tion.

We only have lit­ters where we intend to keep at least one pup­py our­selves for show and to include in our breed­ing pro­gram in the future.