Prospective Dog Owners

Airedale Terrier - Gypsy

Owning a dog, one should realise, will be a long term commitment and there can be problems which hopefully you will be able to identify in advance to avoid an expensive and upsetting mistake for the dog/puppy as well as yourself.

Most prospective owners will opt for a puppy, but speaking to various breeders, rescue groups, etc. – it may be possible to obtain an adult dog who, through no fault of its own, finds itself homeless.


Can you afford a puppy?

The cost of a well-bred / well-reared puppy will be considerable. This initial cost is just the start as inoculations, veterinary fees and feeding are on-going! Arrangements will have to be made for your dog, or kennelling costs have to be considered whenever holidays are planned.

How much space do you have?

Your home situation and routine has to be evaluated when considering which breed would suit your household. Any dog would need a space with a bed to call its own. A well-fenced garden is needed, and ideally, someone should be at home during the day as a lonely bored puppy can get up to mischief and be very destructive!

Do you have the time and patience?

Housetraining, socialising and training your dog is time-consuming. This can be frustrating and exhausting, but with patience, your efforts will make it all worthwhile when you have a happy, well-socialised companion. Remember pups usually respond better in a calm environment with a reward/praise system.