Our “L’ Litter is 4 weeks old

These pups are start­ing to show char­ac­ters and real­ly become inter­est­ing..

Over the last week the pups have advanced to mov­ing about con­fi­dent­ly, and have dis­cov­ered their voic­es — start­ing to growl and bark at each oth­er and any­thing new.

4 week old pups are still a lit­tle timid with new faces and sounds

The pups play clum­si­ly and have start­ed to chew every­thing as their teeth are com­ing through..

Dis­cov­er­ing shoes
The pink girlie is very out­go­ing — always first in line
Fin­gers to chew!
Look teeth!

Toys are dis­cov­ered
Hi there!