Our Dogs

We own four Airedale Terrier bitches and two dogs at the moment.

Willaire Persuasion: “Rosie”

“Rosie” stole dad’s heart. She is a lovely pup from our “P” Litter – from Ch. Jaideld The Luck Of A Gypsy of Willaire (Imp UK) X Joval Galactic Force of Willaire (Imp USA).

We plan on showing her soon.

Airedale Terrier - Rufus

Willaire Newsflash: “Rufus”

“Rufus” is a boy from our “N” Litter – from Ch. Jaideld The Luck Of A Gypsy of Willaire (Imp UK) X Joval Galactic Force of Willaire (Imp USA).

He has a hip score C1-B1, ED00.

This lovely boy hasn’t been shown yet due to Covid 19 restrictions. He is living with Linnie Earl (Letamo Airedales).

Airedale Terrier - Reddick

Joval Galactic Force of Willaire: “Reddick”

“Reddick” is a stunning boy from the USA, who joined us early 2019 – from GCH Ch. Joval Galaxy Quest X Ch Joval On Wings Of Faith.

He has a hip Score C1-D1, ED00. Reddick is showing well, gaining many Best of Breed awards. He will only be available for stud to very selected girlies.

Reddick still needs a few Champion certificate points to achieve champion status – we hope to gain these when the dog shows open again.

Airedale Terrier - Jasmine

Ch. Willaire Keynote: “Jasmine” 

Is a girlie from our “K” Litter – from Ch. Vivavick Jubilee Jester of Kirsuda X Willaire Image. She is a lovely gentle girlie that has a B1-B1 hip score.
Jasmine has been shown and has a number of Best of Breed Awards and was awarded champion status on 8 April 2021.

Airedale Terrier - Gypsy

Ch. Jaideld The Luck Of A Gypsy of Willaire (Imp UK): “Gypsy”

This much-anticipated girlie joined us in May 2016. She has an impressive heritage and we have to thank Alaine and Martin Lockett for sending her to us. She is from Saredon From A Jack to a King X The Wilderness JP Gypsy Lady at Jaideld and has a hip score B1-B1. Gypsy gained her champion status on 13/11/2017.

Airedale Terrier - Stellar

Ch. Willaire Image: “Stellar”

“Stellar” is a star from Ch. Summersea Carly of Willaire X Ch Indus Captain Canada at Peluche. 

She has a hip score B2-B2, ED00. She has an impressive history in the show ring – winning best puppy in breed and doing well in puppy group placings! She achieved her first CC on her first outing at seven months, and RBOB – outshining her competition. She was awarded Best of Breed at 14 months of age, and gained her champion status at 19 months.

Much loved dogs that have passed on:

Ch. Willaire Hallmark: “Caesar” was an impressive young man from Ch. Summersea Carly of Willaire X Ch Ch(Can) Indus Curteis Point at Peluche. National Airedale 2016, top Airedale for 2015, he had a hip score A2-A2, ED00 and had a lovely nature – lost in a hit and run when he escaped through a faulty gate, and is really missed.

Willaire Her Highness: “Candy” was a lovely girl from Ch. Summersea Carly of Willaire X Ch Ch(Can) Indus Curteis Point at Peluche – lost tragically after a freak accident. She had only one litter – pups going to Kenya, Botswana, Cape. She had an A2-A2 hip score.

Airedale Terier - Waffle

Ch. Summersea Carly of Willaire: “Waffle” was a lovely girlie who typified good South African breeding, and who was a descendant of my first bitch. She had a lovely nature – would lick you to death, yet was willing to die defending you from intruders!
She had achieved champion status fairly easily and had an A2-A2 hip score.

Airedale Terrier - Joub Joub

Lihanton Miss Tiffany of Willaire: “Joub-Joub” did well in the ring, achieving a number of Puppy awards, and challenge certificates. Unfortunately, when her hips were X-Rayed we found she was not suitable for breeding, so had her spayed. Her show career was cut short, but she was the apple of my husband’s eye, a delightful family member and is sadly missed.

Magwera Olive: “Gambit” was a girlie which we decided not to breed as she was on the small side, but was a valued member of our household.

Kepalin Thorin: “Dougal” was our first boy – a fine lad that sired some lovely, well-balanced litters.

Dulwich Georgian: “Muffet” was our first airedale. After moving up to Gauteng from Natal, we showed her occasionally, gaining a number of challenge certificates – but we failed to make her up to champion status. She produced a number of litters in the 1980s. Muffet was bred by Eve Griggs, and was an amazing dog with a wonderful temperament… we were now thoroughly hooked on Airedales!