Our Breeding Programme

Airedale Terrier Puppy suckling

Willaire pups are raised in a home environment, with plenty of noises and activity around them, plenty of handling and socialisation.

They spend much of their day in the garden – exploring and playing. Pups thus become accustomed to doing their business outside.

They are accustomed to a ‘Dome kennel ‘ into which they can retreat if they feel threatened or alarmed (we have found that young pups cope better with any sudden changes in environment, or sudden loud noises if they are able to return to a safe secure place of their own).

We try and breed sound, healthy Airedales that conform to the breeding standard, with show potential. With this in mind – all of our pups are sold with breeding restrictions.

This restriction may be lifted upon request to ourselves, once your pup has been shown and judged to conform to the breed standard, the hips X-Rayed and evaluated as having a hip score acceptable for breeding.

A bitch should be at least 2 years old before mating. It is advisable to neuter/spay all family pets when mature, unless you intend showing your dog.

We register all our pups with the Kennel Union of South Africa.

Our pups have their dew claws removed, and tails are docked whenever practical, by popular demand. They have all inoculations recommended by our veterinarian and have been dewormed. Unless contraindicated, pups are microchipped. Pups are usually only released at 8 weeks or later.

Pups destined for distant abodes are usually flown – this is usually less traumatic for the pup than a long, tiring journey.

Airedale Terrier puppy

We do keep a waiting list for puppies, so encourage prospective owners to complete and return our waiting list questionnaire.

We usually only mate our bitch to the best available sire we can find (with an acceptable hip score) when we wish to keep a pup ourselves. We allow for at least a season or two between litters – so pups are only available every 18 months to two years.

Should you decide that you cannot wait for one of our pups, or obtain a pup in the interim – please let us know, so that your name can be removed from our waiting list.

Our pricing is comparable with other high-quality purebred pups, with some litters being priced differently to others depending on the particular breeding. We do accept deposits of 50% of the purchase price of a pup to secure a booking – the balance is payable when the pup is collected, or prior to flight.

We get first pick of the litter, so we will ask you to list your choice of pups – you are welcome to view pups after they have had their inoculations (just contact us first), and photographs are made available from time to time. Taking into consideration your requirements, we will try to make the best match for each puppy.

We reassess the pup’s temperaments and development regularly until they leave, so a final decision may only be made at 8 weeks.

Your pup leaves us with a sound start – the next couple of months will meld the pup into the dog you will want to live with for the rest of its life. The first week is a big adjustment period for all – limit your pup’s exposure to other dogs and people until it has had all its inoculations.

A large box, with a fleecy blanket, can be useful to give your pup a secure place of its own to settle, from which to explore and become comfortable with its new environment and faces.

Should you wish to take on an adult dog – we can be contacted (occasionally we hear of a dog in need of rehoming).