Our Breeding Programme

Airedale Terrier PuppyWillaire pups are raised in a home envi­ron­ment, with plen­ty of nois­es and activ­i­ty around them, plen­ty of han­dling and social­i­sa­tion. They spend much of their day in the gar­den – explor­ing and play­ing. Pups thus become accus­tomed to doing their busi­ness out­side. They are accus­tomed to a ‘Dome ken­nel ‘ into which they can retreat if they feel threat­ened or alarmed (we have found that young pups cope bet­ter with any sud­den changes in envi­ron­ment, or sud­den loud nois­es if they are able to return to a safe secure place of their own).

We try and breed sound, healthy Airedales that con­form to the breed­ing stan­dard, with show poten­tial. With this in mind — all of our pups are sold with breed­ing restric­tions. This restric­tion may be lift­ed upon request to our­selves, once your pup has been shown and judged to con­form to the breed stan­dard, the hips X‑Rayed and eval­u­at­ed as hav­ing a hip score accept­able for breed­ing. A bitch should be at least 2 years old before mat­ing. It is advis­able to neuter / spay all fam­i­ly pets between sev­en and eleven months, unless you intend show­ing your dog.

We reg­is­ter all our pups with the Ken­nel Union of South Africa.

Our pups have their dew claws removed, and tails are docked, by pop­u­lar demand. They have all inoc­u­la­tions rec­om­mend­ed by our vet­eri­nar­i­an, and have been dewormed. Unless con­tra – indi­cat­ed, pups are micro chipped. Pups are usu­al­ly only released at 8 weeks or lat­er.

Pups des­tined for dis­tant abodes are usu­al­ly flown – this is usu­al­ly less trau­mat­ic for the pup, than a long, tir­ing jour­ney.

Airedale Terrier PuppyWe do keep a wait­ing list for pup­pies, so encour­age prospec­tive own­ers to com­plete and return our wait­ing list ques­tion­naire. We usu­al­ly only mate our bitch to the best avail­able sire we can find (with an accept­able hip score) when we wish to keep a pup our­selves. We allow for at least a sea­son or two between lit­ters – so pups are only avail­able every 18 months to two years. Should you decide that you can­not wait for one of our pups, or obtain a pup in the inter­im – please let us know, so that your name can be removed from our wait­ing list.

Our pric­ing is com­pa­ra­ble with oth­er high qual­i­ty pure bred pups, with some lit­ters being priced dif­fer­ent­ly to oth­ers depend­ing on the par­tic­u­lar breed­ing. We do accept deposits of 50% of the pur­chase price of a pup to secure a book­ing – the bal­ance is payable when the pup is col­lect­ed, or pri­or to flight. We get first pick of the lit­ter, so we will ask you to list your choice of pups – you are wel­come to view pups after they are four weeks old (just con­tact us first), and pho­tographs are made avail­able from time to time. Tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion your require­ments, we will try to make the best match for each pup­py. We reassess the pups tem­pera­ments and devel­op­ment reg­u­lar­ly, until they leave, so a final deci­sion may only be made at 8 weeks.

Your pup leaves us with a sound start – the next cou­ple of months will meld the pup into the dog you will want to live with for the rest of its life. The first week is a big adjust­ment peri­od for all – lim­it your pup’s expo­sure to oth­er dogs and peo­ple until it has had all its inoc­u­la­tions. A large box, with a fleecy blan­ket, can be use­ful to give your pup a secure place of its own to set­tle, from which to explore and become com­fort­able with its new envi­ron­ment and faces. Should you wish to take on an adult dog – we can be con­tact­ed (occa­sion­al­ly we hear of a dog in need of rehom­ing).