Our “M” litter at 6 weeks


These babes are lit­tle dust balls as they explore the coun­try­side…

All very reluc­tant to stand for pics, but gives us all an idea of what the pups look like!

We still have a pup or two avail­able from this lit­ter.

M — Lit­tle Boy Blue
M — Black Boy
M- Light Pink Girl
M — Dark Pink Girl
M — Red Girl
M — Green Girlie
M — Yel­low Girl
M — Grey Girl



Over the last week the pups have become lit­tle ter­ror­ists — we have become a focus of attack where lit­tle nee­dle teeth are used to nip ankles and tug on trousers..

Pups are now spend­ing the day out­side in the fresh air, where they are intro­duced to our oth­er dogs under super­vi­sion, and intro­duced to nor­mal house­hold sounds and activ­i­ties.

Pups are being intro­duced to food — Mums pel­lets are mouthed and dropped every­where, and pup por­ridge is being sam­pled.. but mum is always best!

Jas­mine tol­er­at­ing the pups

Our “L’ Litter is 4 weeks old

These pups are start­ing to show char­ac­ters and real­ly become inter­est­ing..

Over the last week the pups have advanced to mov­ing about con­fi­dent­ly, and have dis­cov­ered their voic­es — start­ing to growl and bark at each oth­er and any­thing new.

4 week old pups are still a lit­tle timid with new faces and sounds

The pups play clum­si­ly and have start­ed to chew every­thing as their teeth are com­ing through..

Dis­cov­er­ing shoes
The pink girlie is very out­go­ing — always first in line
Fin­gers to chew!
Look teeth!

Toys are dis­cov­ered
Hi there!