About Willaire Airedales

Close up of Airedale Terrier

Historically, Airedales have been part of our lives since the late 1970s.

We have bred an odd litter from stock which has shown good conformity, and some success in the show ring.

Our first Airedale was a bitch – Dulwich Georgian, was obtained from Eve Griggs, a well-known South African Breeder, based in Natal.

‘Muffet’ was one of the best Airedales we have owned – her temperament and conformity hard to beat! When shown, she did well in the ring and was awarded a number of challenge certificates.

Unfortunately, as I was nursing at the time and worked irregular hours, her champion status was not obtained. We did, however, breed a number of litters – the pups of which went largely to family pet homes…

Kepalin Thorin was our first dog. ‘Dougal’ showed good potential and sired a few litters.

In the next decade or two, our Airedales were limited in number, due to our medium to small property. As our airedales are members of the family – our next airedales ‘Gambit’ and ‘Brutus’ were spayed/neutered for reasons that had made them unsuitable for breeding.

We now abide in a large property located in a semi-rural area to the North-West of Johannesburg, and can now keep more than one Airedale.

We own two dogs and four bitches at the moment: Willaire Newsflash, Joval Galactic Force of Willaire, Ch Willaire Image, Ch Jaideld The Luck of a Gypsy of Willaire, Ch Willaire Keynote and Willaire Persuasion.