About Willaire Airedales

Airedale TerrierHistorically, Airedales have been part of our lives since the late 1970s.

We have bred an odd lit­ter from stock which have shown good con­for­mi­ty, and some suc­cess in the show ring.

Our first Airedale was a bitch – Dul­wich Geor­gian, was obtained from Eve Grig­gs, a well-known South African Breed­er, based in Natal. ‘Muf­fet’ was one of the best Airedales we have owned – her tem­pera­ment and con­for­mi­ty hard to beat! When shown, she did well in the ring and was award­ed a num­ber of chal­lenge cer­tifi­cates. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, as I was nurs­ing at the time and worked irreg­u­lar hours, her cham­pi­on sta­tus was not obtained. We did, how­ev­er breed a num­ber of lit­ters – the pups of which went large­ly to fam­i­ly pet homes…

Kepalin Thorin was our first dog. ‘Dou­gal’ showed good poten­tial, and sired a few lit­ters.

In the next decade or two our Airedales were lim­it­ed in num­ber, due to our medi­um to small prop­er­ty. As our airedales are mem­bers of the fam­i­ly – our next airedales ‘Gam­bit’ and ‘Bru­tus’ were spayed / neutered for rea­sons that had made them unsuit­able for breed­ing.

We now abide in a large prop­er­ty locat­ed in a semi-rur­al area to the North-West of Johan­nes­burg, and can now keep more than one Airedale.

We own a dog and two bitch­es  at the moment: Willaire Hall­mark, Willaire Image and Willaire Her High­ness.